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Cultivate Your Unique Path to Health & Happiness

At Authentik Wellness, we envision human lives as unique gardens – some flourishing, others enduring storms and some thriving in their unique diversity…  Just as gardens vary, so do our needs, preferences and paths to wellness.

Holistic wellbeing, balance and satisfaction require individual recipes, and we are here to guide you on your personalised journey.

authentik values

Devote 15 minutes daily to your personal garden – observe, reflect and nurture subtle shifts in your body, heart and head

Cultivate intentional daily efforts in self-care, removing metaphorical weeds and embracing activities that bring joy, love and laughter

Explore mental functioning, easing into cognitive processes and intricate thoughts to gain comprehensive self-awareness through AW’s reflexive and practical approach

Embrace the AW methodology, delving into a practical study of yourself, and fostering a deeper understanding of emotional and cognitive processes



To consistently focus your efforts is the key to holistic wellbeing

We equip you to assess your wellness, offering a supportive and approachable journey through self-help life coaching, exercise videos and motivational articles, amongst other resources. Choose personalised support from our professional coaches if you believe that route may benefit you more. Embrace small, consistent steps for lasting wellness, with a focus on your Health Foundation for your Body, Heart & Head.


The Health Foundation at Authentik Wellness is the cornerstone of holistic well-being, emphasising essential pillars like breathing, hydration, nutrition, quality sleep, and dedicated “Me” time.  Anchored in these foundational habits, it provides a resilient framework for optimal health, promoting balance across Body, Heart, and Head.  Our focus on these key elements encourages sustainable practices, fostering a flourishing state of well-being within you.


Unlock physical well-being with our BODY section. Prioritise joint mobility and strength, achieve flexibility, preserve cardiovascular health and excel in daily tasks and sports with functional fitness.


In our HEART section, we explore vital aspects of emotional wellbeing, focusing on relationships, creativity, nature, empathy, compassion and balance – all crucial for happiness, resilience and personal growth, regardless of the season you are in.


In our HEAD section, discover essential aspects of mental well-being, from emotional regulation and cognitive function to finding purpose and fostering a positive mental attitude for a fulfilling life.

Embark on a transformative journey with Authentik Wellness.

Take our FREE comprehensive wellness assessment to explore your personal garden—understand your strengths, identify areas for growth and nurture your Body, Heart, and Head. Discover the path to holistic well-being tailored just for you.


Explore real-life transformations with Authentik Wellness through our insightful case studies, showcasing the positive impact of our personalised approach on individuals’ journeys to holistic well-being.

Age: 56

My journey to recovery and self-discovery began after knee surgery when a friend recommended Suzanne at Authentik Wellness. Though I’ve only been part of this incredible environment for a few weeks, the insights I’ve gained have been profound. One of my earliest realizations was about the basics — I learned that I didn’t even know the correct way to walk!

As someone who has practised yoga for the last 15 years and routinely runs twice a week, I always considered myself fit. However, my experiences at Authentik Wellness have taught me a vital lesson: flexibility alone is insufficient without strength. This revelation extends beyond physical fitness; it’s a metaphor for life itself.

The holistic approach at Authentik Wellness is what sets it apart. Here, the focus isn’t just on the body but also on the soul, treating both as an interconnected entity. This philosophy resonates deeply with me, although it’s still early in my journey to fully grasp its entire impact.

Being new to this experience, it’s challenging to answer definitively about the long-term benefits. However, even in these initial four weeks, the changes have been notable. One significant improvement is the full mobility of my knee, a milestone that seemed distant post-surgery.

Suzanne’s approach to treatment is remarkably intuitive. She doesn’t just treat; she reads her clients, understanding their needs, sometimes even before they articulate them themselves. This was exactly my experience, and it’s why I wholeheartedly endorse Authentik Wellness. The level of personalized care and attention to individual experiences is unparalleled.

Among the practical aspects of my treatment, the use of orthotics was suggested, which has been instrumental in my recovery. Additionally, Suzanne’s advice on selecting the right equipment for home use has been invaluable. Above all, the journey with Authentik Wellness has given me something essential — hope. Hope for a future where I am not just physically able but also more in tune with my body’s needs and capabilities.

In conclusion, my time at Authentik Wellness, though brief, has been transformative. It’s a path of discovery, not just of physical strength and recovery but also of understanding the deeper connection between body and soul. I look forward to continuing this journey and uncovering more insights about myself and my capabilities.

Age: 51

My journey with Authentik Wellness began following a knee injury I sustained while skiing. Initially, my focus was solely on knee recovery, but as I progressed, I realized the importance of a full-body recovery approach. This revelation was the turning point, and since then, I’ve never looked back.

The guidance I received was systematic and meticulous, marked by clarity and comprehensiveness. The exercises were well-explained, supplemented with videos and written materials, and the team was always available for any questions or further explanations. This process led me to a deeper understanding of my own body, teaching me how to make corrections and improve.

My physiotherapy sessions were enlightening, offering insights into why accidents occur and what areas needed more attention. I learned to study and understand my body, correct bad postures, and comprehend the underlying causes of back pains. It was a journey of self-discovery, learning how to stand and walk better, the necessity of insoles, and the transformative power of exercise on both body and mind. The neck and back stretching techniques were particularly beneficial.

What started as a journey to recover from an injury evolved into an education about bodily command and muscle control. Suzanne’s instructions were a standout – clear, concise, and easy to follow, almost like a meditative dialogue with my body.

Over the years, I’ve developed an understanding of how to work harmoniously with my body and mind. I’ve learned the effectiveness of movement, the importance of routine, and the rewards of dedicating 100% focus to the exercises.

Choosing Authentik Wellness was pivotal because of their expertise and dedication. It’s rare to find professionals who commit fully to your betterment, helping you improve both physically and mentally.

The benefits I’ve experienced are tremendous. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle strength in my arms, back, bottom, and legs, and improved my overall mobility. Even the articulation in my hands and feet has enhanced, leading to stronger fingers. My posture has improved, reducing back pain, and I’ve learned to be more aware of my knees and how to correct them. Remarkably, my recovery time from sports-related injuries has significantly shortened. This journey with Authentik Wellness has been an extraordinary privilege and a transformative experience.

In summary, my time with Authentik Wellness has been life-changing, offering not just physical improvements but a profound understanding and connection with my body. It’s a path I’m grateful to have embarked on.

Age: 66

My journey with Authentik Wellness started quite unexpectedly. For my birthday, a friend gifted me a consultation at Authentik Wellness, sparking my curiosity in this Wellness Journey. Admittedly, I had no clear idea what to expect, but I decided to trust his recommendation and embark on this new path.

Since joining the Authentik Wellness team, there’s been no looking back for me. I attend two personal sessions weekly, focusing on functional body training. This regimen has revolutionised my approach to fitness; I’ve gained mobility, strength, and flexibility like never before. The introduction of mobility training was a game-changer, making my previous stretching routines seem ineffective. Despite a neurological condition in my lower leg, the team’s adaptability ensures I remain fully functional, enabling me to enjoy skiing, swimming, and walking, though running remains a challenge. Additionally, monthly deep tissue massages have become a staple for my de-stressing and body maintenance.

One of the key lessons from Authentik Wellness has been learning to slow down, as my natural tendency is towards hyperactivity. The team has been instrumental in teaching me the importance of doing things correctly and with full attention. They’ve expertly navigated my workout intensity, knowing exactly when to push harder or ease off, which always leaves me feeling better. Their focus on balance and dynamic stretching, combined with regular adjustments for my pelvic alignment, has been crucial in preventing back pain.

Reflecting on my journey with Authentik’s holistic approach, it’s been nothing short of amazing. It’s fun, challenging, and constantly evolving, pushing me to achieve feats I never thought possible. I am always learning something new and never find myself bored.

From the onset, my experience with Authentik Wellness has been transformative. At 54, as confirmed by their Boditrax machine, my physical health has become a central aspect of my life. The team at Authentik Wellness not only takes excellent care of me but also makes the entire process enjoyable.

Endorsing Authentik Wellness to others seeking a holistic approach to wellbeing is a no-brainer for me. The team’s high level of skill, professionalism, and personable nature, combined with their thoroughness and dedication, make them highly trustworthy.

In terms of measurable changes, the list is extensive. From planks and squats to bridges, my physical capabilities have dramatically improved. I’ve developed muscles I didn’t have before, particularly in my glutes. Now, I hardly need to think before performing an activity; I just do it. As Suzanne often tells me, I am her fittest over-50 client in Hampstead, a title I wear with pride.

In conclusion, my partnership with Authentik Wellness has been a journey of constant growth and discovery. It’s a testament to how a holistic approach to fitness and well-being can transform not just the body, but the overall quality of life.

Age: 58

Dealing with multiple musculoskeletal conditions, including two back surgeries and thoracic and cervical spine herniations, has been a challenging journey. The addition of osteoarthritis in most of my joints only intensified the impact on my physical and mental well-being. I found myself in a downward spiral where every attempt at exercise led to pain, resulting in a gradual weakening of my body and escalating pain levels. I still vividly remember feeling a sense of doom about my mobility, fearing that a wheelchair was in my imminent future, as I arrived for my first session at Authentik Wellness.

My path to Authentik Wellness began with a recommendation from a friend who had overcome her golfer’s elbow after years of recurring pain. The centre’s holistic approach, which encompassed not just the physical aspects of strength, mobility, and flexibility, but also personal ownership of the mental health aspect of chronic pain, resonated deeply with me. This approach to pain management, recognizing its individual nature, was a crucial aspect of my treatment.

At Authentik Wellness, every aspect of pain is given importance, acknowledging that it’s not just ‘in your head.’ People like me, grappling with complex, chronic pain from various sources including bad posture, sports injuries, and long-term neglect, don’t have a straightforward solution. The environment at Authentik Wellness is key to the healing process, offering a sense of calm and welcome right from the reception. The clean, cosy setting fosters a feeling of safety and ease, which is vital for someone struggling with chronic pain.

My treatment was not just about new methodologies in pain, fitness, and wellness, but also about a shift in perspective. As a lifelong sportsperson, the inability to move as before was frustrating. However, I learned the importance of accepting my new limitations and balancing exercise with rest. The nuanced approach at Authentik Wellness, emphasizing controlled pain management and recovery, was a game-changer.

Describing my experience at Authentik Wellness in three words, I would say it has been a ‘Godsend.’ It’s more than just treatment; it’s a new way of life, adapting to the changes in my body. The journey has made me stronger and more motivated, as I have learned that improvement is possible with the right guidance. I am now the fittest I’ve been in 25 years and have a support system for any future challenges.

The impact of pain on quality of life, mental health, and overall well-being cannot be understated. Since starting at Authentik Wellness in January 2019, I’ve seen significant improvements, from walking to breathing exercises during the COVID lockdown. Today, I am back to my pre-menopausal weight, fitter than ever, and part of a community where everyone’s journey towards health and strength is valued and supported.

our founder



In my childhood, I crafted challenges unknowingly preparing for demanding mental and emotional tests. Mastering early neck massages, I became a source of relief for my family. At ten, a netball pole caused brain damage, leading to Petit Mal Epilepsy until sixteen. Despite setbacks, my spirit yearned for old dreams. Life recalibrated with caution, but my enduring flame persisted.

This journey is the inspiration behind Authentik Wellness, where I help people become their authentic selves and breakthrough trauma.


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