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The Authentik advantage

The benefits you’ll enjoy as an Authentik coach


Welcome, Authentik Wellness Coaches! Explore the full range of benefits our platform offers for a transformative coaching experience. Manage clients seamlessly, schedule effortlessly, and enhance personal and professional growth.

Easily organise and monitor client progress in one place, saving time and ensuring a personalised coaching experience.

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with our user-friendly online booking system, ensuring a smooth coaching journey.

Unlock personal and client transformations with our diverse online courses covering subjects addressing Body, Heart & Head health.

Craft engaging articles, videos and resources directly within the Authentik Wellness platform, fostering a stronger connection with your existing clients and reach an even wider audience.

Intuitively create workout plans with a user-friendly interface and a vast library of exercises to keep clients motivated and accountable.  You can now include material you have not yet mastered yourself.

Foster a supportive community with features for coach-to-coach collaboration and client interaction.  Chances of your client’s success also multiply if they form part of a supportive and motivating community.

Simplify finances with easy invoice generation and direct payments, allowing more time for what you do best – coaching.

Access resources and online courses to enhance coaching skills, deepen wellness understanding and stay ahead of industry trends.

Craft personalised workouts with a vast library of professionally curated exercise videos that illustrate specific movements understandably.

Utilise comprehensive analytics for insights into client engagement, program effectiveness and content performance to ensure actionable steps for consistent improvement.

Unleash your potential as an Authentik Wellness coach!

Explore our Coach Enrolment Booklet to discover the exciting opportunities that await you in joining Authentik Wellness. Elevate your coaching career, inspire positive change and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to holistic well-being. Click here to embark on your journey with us!

Are you a passionate coach ready to inspire wellness worldwide?

Authentik Wellness (AW) invites qualified coaches to be part of its ambitious international enterprise, contributing to holistic well-being across all walks of life. AW, a digital platform, focuses on three pillars: Body, Heart, and Head; resting on a Health Foundation: Breathing; Sleeping; Hydration; Nutrition and immersive Down-Time.  Coaches representing these pillars or the Health Foundation are essential in making transformation accessible, understandable and feasible for users seeking overall wellness.

AW sets specific requirements for coaches to maintain a growing and nourishing community.

Coaches are expected to contribute content quarterly, demonstrating expertise in Body, Heart, Head, or Health Foundation. The platform streamlines administrative tasks, offers access to a rich content library, and ensures monthly payments through an online gateway. Coaches actively participate in the AW Community, gaining priority reservations and discounts for the annual AW Retreat. The open-door policy allows for client reviews, ensuring trust and quality in the coaching experience.

To embark on this exciting coaching journey, coaches need to follow a step-by-step process.

Begin by submitting “ONE-OFF” details as specified, sign up for the 21-day free trial, and attend an online meeting for remuneration discussion. The agreement/contract, tutorial booking and providing a roster of planned content will follow. The AW platform operates with a Code of Conduct focusing on passion, ethics, integrity, honesty, and open communication, fostering a supportive and balanced community. The mission is to promote individual growth through interactive and creative coaching, making each coach an integral part of the Authentik Wellness family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your client will still be able to access their dashboard and their programmes, they will only not be able to access the rest of the platform, exercise videos or content.

Any form of contribution is taken into account.  Sharing informative, accurate reading material; designing courses in your field of expertise; hosting growth workshops etc. would impact your commission rate positively.

Yes, there is a support portal on your profile tab where you can log issues.  There is a 24 hour revert period.

You merely block out the days/times that you are not available and mark it as “busy”.  This allows you to have complete control over your diary.

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Drop your details down below, and receive our Greece Retreat Info Booklet.


Drop your details down below, and receive our Greece Retreat Info Booklet.